Submission Guidelines

Here’s how our publication works.

Once a month, Pulp Factory puts out a piece of art that serves as the “prompt.” Writers then have a month to submit a story based on the prompt.

The top stories (including a monthly winner) will be published on our website.

The goal of this zine is to make a place for genre literature and creativity. We love up-and-coming writers and artists—especially those with a DIY ethic.

We also accept stories, novellas, and poetry dealing with horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy. These submissions are accepted year round and can be apart from the monthly contest.

**Submission Guidelines**

Submissions should be made as a word (.doc or .docx), open office, or rich text (.rtf) file attachment to an email. The email itself should have the author’s name, a brief bio, proper pronouns, and an optional list of previous publications as well as whether or not it is a submission to the monthly prompt contests. The email for submissions is The subject of the email should be “Submission: Author-Title-Month.” The submitted story should be in standard manuscript format except without an author’s name (to facilitate blind reading).

Pulp Factory reserves first publication rights and the right to reprint. We reserve no other rights.


At Pulp Factory, although we do print horror and similar genres, we do have some content we do not print. Anything that is deemed sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise hateful will be disqualified immediately. We also don’t print shock for shock’s sake, gratuitous violence, or anything glorifying violence against or hate of children, women, or minorities. If this seems too restrictive, this isn’t your place to submit.

Any questions should be directed to the editors. We can be reached here or through the submissions email.



All stories are judged by the same guidelines. To be fair and open, our rubric is readily available for you to see.